Crime Scene Cleanup


Crime Scene Cleanup

If these is a crime scene cleanup in the Triad in your home or business, we understand that there are many things that you are going through right now. SaniBrothers North Carolina provides compassionate and discreet services to help you. We understand that you need this done carefully, quickly and safely. If you are in need of a crime scene cleanup, SaniBrothers North Carolina is here for you.  

SaniBrothers Provides 24/7 Emergency Services

SaniBrothers North Carolina can help you in the event you have a situation where you need a crime scene cleanup in the Triad in a home or office.


To provide you the best service, SaniBrothers has developed a simple 5 step process based on our years spent in the nursing field.

Assessment: We will discuss your needs.

Diagnosis: We will take a look at and assess your situation.

Planning: We will formulate a solution for you.

Implementation: When you agree with our solution, we will prepare and schedule time with you to do the work.

Evaluation: We will make sure that all of your needs have been met to complete satisfaction.

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Homicide Cleanup

Here is a list of tasks to
help you in this situation.

  • Determine whether or not it is a crime scene or a natural death. Does the death appear to be accidental, suicide, or homicide? Call the police for a natural death. Call them if it is suspicious.
  • If this is not a crime scene and it appears that the person has died of natural causes, you must call the coroner’s office. Have an autopsy performed by qualified personnel at once.
  • If it is a suicide, you must call the coroner’s office. They will remove the body and perform an autopsy.
  • If this is a homicide, follow the instructions of the police or detective in charge. Do not touch anything until they give you permission to do so.
  • Put up caution tape around the area of the death. If you think it is a crime scene, do not touch anything at all. If it appears to be accidental or of natural causes, begin by calling the police.
  • Contact relatives and friends of the deceased for any information about an obituary or funeral/memorial service. Enter this information into a journal.
  • Contact the deceased’s employer to inform them of the death. If they are unable to do so, contact the person who has been assigned as executor or trustee of their estate.
  • Contact all insurance companies that you can find (health, home, life, etc.) to notify them of the death. They will need an official form of identification or a death certificate before they can process any claims for benefits.
  • Contact the deceased’s attorney, if applicable.
  • Find an affordable funeral home to take care of the body. If you are already familiar with one, call them now unless it is a crime scene. If it is a crime scene, do not go near it until the police give you permission to do so.
  • Call a funeral home and inform them of the death, location of body (specific address), whether or not there will be a service, etc. They will send someone over to pick up the deceased’s remains.
  • Find all information about the deceased’s banking, investment, and savings accounts including the exact location of all paperwork.
  • For natural deaths, call the coroner’s office to schedule an autopsy. You will need permission from family or next-of-kin in order for them to release the body.
  • For natural deaths, if no next-of-kin or family member is willing/able to coordinate with the service providers and take care of things mentioned above, contact local churches to see if they would be willing to help out and coordinate the funeral and memorial service.
  • Contact phone companies for assistance with canceling phones or services.
  • Contact utility companies for assistance with shutting off water, cable TV, electricity, etc., if the deceased has been paying those bills.
  • If there is a will and an executor or trustee has been named to coordinate everything mentioned above, follow their instructions as they are now in charge of making all decisions from this point forward.
  • If there is no executor or trustee named in the will, contact local churches to see if they would be willing to help out and coordinate the funeral and memorial service.
  • Check news sources (newspapers, TV, radio) for information about upcoming obituaries.
  • Contact neighbors.


Dedicated to preserving the health and safety of our community, the SaniBrothers North Carolina team is focused on helping our clients during their hardest times by offering compassionate, professional, and complete sanitation services for cases of unattended deaths, COVID-19 Disinfection Cleanup, Homicide Cleanup, Blood Cleanup, Suicide Cleanup, Hoarding Cleanup, Decomposition and Odor Cleanup, Infectious Disease Cleanup, Methamphetamine and Fentanyl Cleanup, Mold Remediation and Mold Cleanup.

We work with clients in the Triad in Greensboro, Kernersville, Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington, Thomasville, Asheboro, Clemmons, Lexington, Eden, Reidsville, Graham, Lewisville, Archdale, Mebane, Elon, Mount Airy and Summerfield.

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